Unown M - Pokemon F_CK*FF

Hay gente que te pide, que quiere que estés para ellos, pero cuando los necesitas, No están para ti, Se que antes has ayudado, etc, pero en muchos momentos necesité de tu ayuda. En fin, que estes bien, no debo enojarme, no quiero perder lo que queda de amistad.





File this under jokes you didn’t understand the first time around. 



I remember when I was a kid watching TV and my mom would gasp and complain that a show was being inappropriate. I was really confused until I grew up and rewatched those shows. What many parents don’t get (because TV was more censored when they were children) is that these jokes go right over our heads and are only put in to amuse the parents stuck watching the shows with their children. 

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Pokemon VHS covers

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